Standard Spray Tan

Standard Spray Tan

30 Min

Choose your gradient of...
6 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 16% Tan.

Leave on the skin preferably over night for 10-12hrs. 

Wash off the next Morning and you are left looking amazing

6% - For the porcaline doll skin, red heads, and generally skin that burns or blisters quickly 

8% - Ideal for most body types but is a light tan leaving a natrual glow. Great for a first time tan.

10% - Medium tan ideal for those who are lucky enough to tan really well in the sun. 

12% - Medium to Dark so this is ideal for those who are not affraid of spraytans and want a really dark glow or who are Sallo skinned and have the meditaranian look.

16% - this is for experienced Tanners or for those who have a beyonce coloured skin to start, this is a great colour to enhance a slightly darker skin

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