Tanning ~ What You Need To Know!

Tanning ~ What You Need To Know!

Can I still get a spraytan if I'm pregnant?
I would always recommend after the first trimester (12 weeks) hormones have settled down and a spray tan would be perfectly fine to have done. It is the safest form of tanning you can have.  

Can I still get a spraytan if I'm breastfeeding?
I would always recommend covering the nipple are with a nipple shield pad to not only prevent leaking during treatment but to also protect the baby, the tanning product is not harmful but can leave tan mark on babies' hands and face so be mindful.

Are Sienna products vegan friendly?
Yes. All of the products within the range are all vegan friendly, cruelty free and paraben free too. If you are an extreme vegan,
Can I still get a tan before going on a holiday?
Absolutely you can! There’s no better feeling that glowing with confidence from the start of your holiday. You would still need to apply your SPF as the spray tan solution doesn’t contain it, but it does allow you to build up a natural tan over the top. 

I'm really worried that if I have a spraytan that will be orange. Can you give me some advice
Spray tanning often gets a bad reputation for looking Orange and smelling of biscuits! Sienna X formulations are packed full of natural ingredients to ensure you not only look beautiful in a natural glow, but you smell good too. During a consultation, you should be asked about your skin, how well you tan naturally in the sun and what your tan is for. This then helps your therapist advise you on the perfect solution for you. Spray tans are only ever orange, if the wrong shade is applied, or if the application has been done incorrectly.

❤ Why is my tan patchy?
A patchy, streaky or dotty fake tan often means you’ve missed a ‘prep step’ in the run up to your treatment. Preparing your skin for your fake tan encourages an even, long-lasting glow so it’s well worth examining your pre-tan routine to check where you might have gone wrong.

Dotty Patchy spraytans usually occur if you’ve waxed or shaved too close to the day of your tan as Waxing and hot steam from a shower open up the pores — if you apply spraytan to the skin immediately, the product can seep in and create a dotty or spotty patchy effect.
oily skin, oily creams used, make-up, sun damage, medication or just your genetics can also play a part in enlarging the pores or creating a patchy tan.

Here’s how to prevent a patchy spraytan the future:

* Shave or wax at least 24 hours before you plan on fake tanning to give your pores plenty of time to close up.

* Avoid taking a hot bath or shower on the day of your treatment because the warmth of the water can also open up your pores. Perhaps try taking a cooler shower or blast your skin with cold water for a few seconds at the end of your bath to encourage your pores to close up (some people even recommend putting something cold against your skin like a bag of frozen peas!).

* Exfoliate your skin regularly to get rid of dead skin and prevent it from blocking your pores. Also remove your make-up every night and maintain a good skincare routine to help reduce their visibility.
* Stay away from oil or Vaseline creams, body washes, or shampoos, as oils strip the tan away.
so avoid this at all costs for at Least 2-3 days before your tan

Important:- Splash your face with cold water before you apply any fake or spraytan to encourage a flaw-free glow across your chin and cheeks.

* Make sure your skin is free from everything this incudes:

* Deodorants - perfumes -creams - vasaline - makeup use of baby wipes - and tight clothing before or after treatment. all these hinder your tan

* Making sure your skin is at its purest is the best way


As much as this is the easier thing to do.

You have to remember everybody's skin is different, and therefore will have a different outcome to how the colour looks and how the tan sits on the skin. Please be aware that your beautician, or any good beautician will have more than 5 years' experience and not only would have advised you on Pre-Tanning Treatment but should be able to answer any questions or worries you may have on the day. so don't be afraid to ask if it is not listed above.

They should be able to confidently guide you and inform you of the whole procedure from start to finish, allowing you to understand that any outcome on YOUR skin is not down to them as the therapist because the performance of which they apply the tan to your skin is exactly the same way they do it on every client.

Meaning if an outcome isn't how you expected thats unfortunate, but generally down to your preparation prior to your tan.


• 24hrs before - Shave

• 48hrs before - Wax

• Start Exfoliating 2-3 days before to rid of all dead skin - this will also help maintain your new tan.

• Temporarily paint hand and toenails to prevent staining.

• Wear Acrylic Nails to prevent staining.

• Use an Oil free / Vasaline Free moisturiser on your skin all over only until the night before. Then stop


• Be free of everything that day - this includes NO body sprays/ perfume/ make-up/ moisturiser/ and NO shower either as this creates open pores as mentioned above.
and open pores can cause blotching to the skin.

IF " you're coming straight from work and are wearing makeup then please make sure this is washed of with (warm soapy water only) at least 3hrs before your appointment.
If your desperately in need of a shower, please either shower 3hrs prior to your appointment in Luke warm water only.
or rinse down in cold water



• Arrive in any form of clothing.
• BUT Leave your appointment wearing only loose clothing for E.G Vest top and leggings and flip flops for your feet

Tight cloths including bras shoes belts skinny jeans etc after your treatments By doing so will mark your tan.

* 16 years and over
* If aged 16 or under then a parental consent form must be completed by the parent or legal guardian and parental guidance is needed on the day, meaning they must be present. 

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